Enter the Yammieverse

Currently under development, Yammies is an NFT-based idle strategy game where players battle, collect resources, manage their economy and grow their squad in order to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards. 

Based in the fictional world of Colonysia, Yammies is structured as an open-ended digital trading card/battle game set in an ever-expanding metaverse with limited Yammies and Land.


Build your unique team of Yammies and conquer the Yammiverse

Yammies are the central characters of the Yammiverse. They are ant-like creatures that inhabit the world of Colonysia. 

There are nine different classes of Yammies in the genesis series, with each Yammie starting as a worker. The only way to increase the rank of Yammies is to merge two Yammie NFTs together (burning two NFTs to receive a new, improved NFT)

There is a fixed limit on the amount of Yammies that can inhabit the world, giving Yammies a deflationary mechanic. The more people merge their Yammies to create stronger Yammies the rarer that each Yammie becomes. 

Each Yammie has unique combination of abilities, stats progression and artwork.

Yammies Bullet


Gameplay focused P2E gaming with deflationary economics

There are several ways for players to earn from Yammies


  • Training Yammies in battle to increase their value
  • Merging Yammies to increase their value and scarcity
  • Earning YAMGO every time somebody passes over your land
  • Harvesting in-game resources from your land and selling it via the marketplace
  • Earning rewards for in-game special events and community goals
  • Earning league/Ranking bonuses from the community chest
Yammies Ghost


Core Gameplay Elements

Collect, Trade, Merge, Battle and Win


  • Collect Yammie NFTs
  • Level them up in battle
  • Merge Yammies to randomly create more powerful Yammies


  • Mine land and harvest for resources
  • Earn YAMGO token from players moving over your land


  • Raid other players’ land to try and win resources/crafting materials
  • Join guilds to share resources and Yammies and earn more rewards


  • Trade Yammies, land and resources via in-game marketplace
Yammies Field


Why should you hold Yammiverse NFTs in your collection?

Yammies get rarer over time

There is a fixed amount of Yammies and a fixed amount of land. When two Yammies are merged together both of those NFTs are burned and a new NFT is created. This means that the amount of Yammies available will very quickly decrease, making them rarer and rarer over time.

Yammies Fire



Yammiverse NFTs are intended as digital art only. They are valued strictly as digital art collectibles. Any utility discussed as a part of the Yammiverse project is not guaranteed and is subject to change.