A Members-Only club for Hedera Hashgraph enthusiasts to earn Tokens and exclusive NFT Metaverse rewards

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What is Club Yamgo™ ?

Club Yamgo™ is an exclusive club for HBAR token holders to come together to increase their assets while also helping to grow the Yamgo and Hedera ecosystems.

Club Yamgo™ enables members to network, share news, access exclusive deals and offers as well as giving the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of YAMGO Token, NFTs, HBAR and other Hedera network tokens.

Access to Club Yamgo is granted by invite only either via an application to join or by referral from an existing member. Existing members receive extra YAMGO tokens for every member they successfully refer to the club.


Club Yamgo™ is building a unique community to help grow the Hashgraph economy

The focus of Club Yamgo is to create a strong community that supports projects developed on Hedera Hashgraph, including Yamgo, AdsDax and the upcoming metaverse project Yammies.

Club Yamgo will unite prominent developers, influencers, traders, business people and others who are diligent and enthusiastic about Hedera Hashgraph. 

Club Yamgo aims to become a hub for discussion, innovation and growth within the Hedera and wider cryptocurrency ecosystem

Prior to open access only Club Yamgo members can invite new members to the Club. Members get bonuses for every person they refer to the club.


Club Yamgo™ aims to reward value creators within the Hedera Network

From developers to content creators, investors, advocates and others, Club Yamgo seeks to reward those who provide value and growth in various ways to Yamgo and the Hedera Network 

Club Yamgo gives members exclusive access to YAMGO token and Yammiverse NFTs, enabling owners to participate in Yamgo’s upcoming metaverse gaming experience:Yammies.


Why does Club Yamgo™ exist?

Yamgo is on a mission to drive mainstream adoption and enterprise level usage of the Hedera Hashgraph technology. To make this possible Yamgo is building an entire ecosystem of products and services that cater to different needs and audiences. 

From big businesses and brands who use our AdsDax Platform for digital advertising and brand building, to helping onboard new people into cryptocurrency through our Yamgo rewards platform and now the Yammiverse. We are focused on creating brand recognition, fuelling adoption, increasing transaction volume and increasing the amount of people who hold HBAR for Hedera Hashgraph, creating a flourishing ecosystem that all involved in Hedera Hashgraph can benefit from (including Yamgo).


Increase the amount of assets you hold and join a community of experts, developers, influencers and enthusiasts who are working to grow the ecosystem

  • Earn Staking rewards without losing of control of your HBAR
  • Member of a very exclusive club
  • Early access to the launch of Yammies and new tokens
  • Regular YAMGO token & Yammiverse NFT rewards
  • Network with top Hedera community members
  • Exclusive access to the Club Yamgo Discord server
  • Access to Club Yamgo online hangouts
  • Earn VIP prestige rank for activity and value creation
  • Priority customer support


How does membership of Club Yamgo™ work?

Club Yamgo allows you to leverage your existing HBAR through our lite-staking™ method and earn regular YAMGO and NFT rewards without ever locking your HBAR (also known as non-custodial staking). You can even earn Hedera proxy staking rewards while you’re lite-staking with Club Yamgo.

  • Members of Club Yamgo are required to hold their HBAR in a Hedera account created via Yamgo
  • The longer you hold your HBAR in your account the more rewards you get
  • The more HBAR you hold the greater your rewards will be
  • You never lose control of your HBAR. It’s never locked 
  • Yamgo can never access your HBAR, we can only send you rewards
  • The longer you keep your HBAR in your account the more rewards you can earn
  • All members need to apply for membership and must pass the minimum threshold of HBAR to qualify for membership


Introducing Lite-Staking™

Lite-Staking enables you to earn staking rewards from your HBAR without having to lock-up or lose control of your HBAR. Your HBAR is always yours and always in your account.

To participate in lite-staking simply: 

  • Apply to Join Club Yamgo
  • Create a new Hedera account via the Yamgo dashboard
  • Add your HBAR to your new Hedera account

As well as regular drops of NFT rewards and target driven bonuses, Club Yamgo emits a fixed amount of $YAMGO token on a daily basis.  The amount of $YAMGO token you receive is dependent on the amount of HBAR lite-staked in your account relative to the entire pool.


Gain access to an exclusive pool of rewards without losing control of your HBAR

Earn rewards without sacrificing control or security of your HBAR. While there is a minimum HBAR holding requirement in order to join Club Yamgo, you will never lose control of your HBAR. There is also no lock-up of your HBAR. It always stays in your wallet and Yamgo will never be able to access your HBAR.

Simply create a Hedera Account via Yamgo, add your HBAR and you’re ready to go*. As you control the HBAR in your Hedera Account you can transfer it at any time you want. You can even earn proxy staking rewards on your HBAR**

*If your account drops below the minimum HBAR threshold you will no longer be able to claim Club Yamgo rewards

** Proxy staking is being developed and provided by Hedera Hashgraph and is currently in Phase 01 of development. Rewards will not be earned until Phase 3 is complete. Access to proxy staking is beyond the scope of Yamgo. Proxy staking is not a Yamgo product.

Be one of the first people to own YAMGO token and YAMMIEVERSE™ NFTs before they are launched to the public


Hitting key milestones will allow Club Yamgo™ members to unlock extra rewards prior to the launch of the full Yammiesgame

Target 01

$10 million lite-staked with Yamgo 

  • YAMGO Token loyalty bonus
  • YAMGO daily emittance increases

Target 02

$25 Million lite-staked with Yamgo

  • Yamgo loyalty bonus 
  • YAMGO daily emittance increases

Target 03

$40 Million lite-staked with Yamgo

  • Yamgo loyalty bonus (based on account balance and time held in account)


Club Yamgo will initially be the only way to acquire YAMGO token rewards, Genesis Yammieverse™ NFTs and more.

Club Yamgo by Yammieverse Labs BVI
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